About Us

What's up!  I'm LC, the owner and founder of InsensitiviTees.  As a black woman who grew up an orphan in the foster care system, I understand the importance of self-expression and authenticity. I created InsensitiviTees as a platform for individuals to embrace their unique voice and not be ashamed of using profanity as a form of self-expression and mental health relief. As a brand, we strive to challenge societal norms and provide a community for like-minded individuals to connect and feel empowered. Join us on our journey to break the mold and live unapologetically.

InsensitiviTees is a unique t-shirt brand that empowers self-expression and individuality through bold designs, witty slogans, and the use of decorative dialect and "bad words" freely and without judgment. Our brand is inspired by the idea that the use of profanity can have positive effects on mental health by providing an outlet for emotions, reducing stress, and promoting self-expression. Our mission is to create products that celebrate self-expression, individuality, and creativity and to empower individuals to express themselves authentically without fear of societal backlash.